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Home - Money Manager

The Smart Way to Manage Personal Finances

Money Manager App


The Features At A Glance

Straightforward Access To Contents

You can check out your monthly and total weekly budgets

Photo Save

You can save your memories and receipts on your device for future reference

Advanced Filtering

Multiple filtering options that facilitate effective reviews of transactions

Improved Calendar Visuals

Enjoy glances at all your monthly transactions

Aesthetically Improved Charts

Informative charts providing detailed reviews of your expenses

Easy-to-use Dual-entry Booking

Managing your real-estate, loans, insurance, and savings just got much easier

Asset Graph

Keep track of all your asset trends

Impressive Budget Feature

Each category can now get a separate monthly budget


Take a look at the main screens


Just the app I needed. It’s really simple, you can pick the date and time even if it’s in the past, choose which account your money goes or taken from, even take a photo or screenshot receipt to give you clear view of what you’re spending on. And for a free app, the ads are not annoying at all. Perfect for people who just start learning about managing finances.

Brenda Angelita Lesmana


This app is so great, it helps me on tracking my spending and manage well my savings. At first its confusing, but once you get used to it and learned its function, you’ll be more conscious on spending and you’ll be able to manage and track your money movement from your different account.

Paul Andrew Elbo


Awesome app. Every body must try it. I have been using it for 3years.i would like to request to developer that if u can add few more features like alarm or notification so that we can set alarm at fix time that we have to add today’s expence and earnings. Also it would be great if there would be facility like if i am going out for dinner with my friend and he is using the same app then he should get notified about the bill paid by me 😂(so that they can return our money).

Rupesh Anand



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