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About Money Manager App - Money Manager

Money Manager Review

Looking for a reliable money management app to monitor, review, and plan your expenses? Then you should consider Money Manager.

Money Manager offers a swift and straightforward management of your finances.  Apart from keeping track of your financial dealings – both business and personal, the app also produces accurate spending reports on request.  With an inbuilt budget planner and spending monitor, Money Manager provides you with periodic financial data and asset management reviews.


Let’s take a look at some of the top features of the Money Manager app:


  1. Simple double entry bookkeeping accounting system

This feature allows you to manage your accounts and assets effectively.  It helps to record money flow, including deposits and withdrawals.  It makes immediate adjustments once you input either income or expenses.


  1. Budget and expense tracker

You can easily assess your budget and expenses with Money Manager app and make suitable inferences, courtesy of its informative graph that plots your budget against your expenses.


  1. Credit/Debit card management function

Once you input a settlement date, the app automatically generates payment amounts and outstanding payments. This information is present under the asset tab.  Link your debit card with your account to set up automatic debit.


  1. Passcode

The passcode feature ensures the safe and secure management of your financial information contained on the Money Manager.


  1. Transfer, direct debit, and recurrence function

With this feature, you can easily send money between assets, thus allowing you to manage your business and personal assets effectively.  Likewise, setting the automatic recurrence and transfer helps in managing term deposit, loans, insurance, and salary efficiently.


  1. Quick Statistics

This is a feature that provides a summary of your expenses according to categories.  You also get a detailed change graph of your assets and income or expenses through this feature.


  1. Bookmark feature

Record keeping just got easier with this feature – bookmark all your recurring expenses to add them at a go.


  1. Backup/Restore

Apart from creating and restoring backups, you can view them in Excel formats.


  1. Additional features

–    You can (re)set your starting date to anytime.

–    A dedicated toggle that switches the Sub Category feature on/off

–    Calculator Function accessible by going to AMOUNT, then UPPER RIGHT BUTTON


The paid version offers;

–    An Ad-Free Experience

–    Unlimited Assets, as against the ten assets in the free version

–    Edit PC 


The exact version of the Money Manager application can be accessed on your PC through a Wi-Fi connection.  Once connected, you can modify the data or rearrange the data according to date, account group, or category from your PC.  There are also detailed graphs showing the changes in your accounts.


The Money Manager definitely has a lot of beneficial and exciting features to offer.  Download now to begin the journey towards better planning, managing, and tracking your expenses, budgets, and finances.


Manage Your Money with Money Manager App